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A Taste of the South

The Brief: Introduce northerners to the rarity of Cheerwine. ​ ​
The Insight:  Cheerwine is uniquely southern. When you take a sip, you feel like you've been invited to the South.
The Idea: Showcase how Southerners uniquely enjoy Cheerwine.
The Execution: Create OOH ads, an experiential activation, a product, and social posts.
My Role: Concept, art direction, social execution, and design.

Cheerwine Ad 3_Artboard 2.png
Cheerwine Ad 3_Artboard 3.png
Cheerwine AD 2.C.jpg
Bus Mockup.jpg

Cheerwine will partner with Waze to direct people to the nearest highway rest area. At the rest area will be a “Sit A Spell" station designed like
a general store. The experience allows drivers to relax with a Cheerwine just like a real Southerner would.


Users will also have the option to receive  navigation guidance from a Southerner. 

Sip a Spell Rest Area (1).jpg


Crockpot Knob (1).png

Cheerwine creates a Crock-Pot and cookbook to give people a taste of the South. 

Crockpot (1).png
Social-1 (1).gif
Social-2 (1).gif
Social-3 (1).gif
Cookbook BBQ Chicken (1).png



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