Budweiser’s market share
is reducing because 79%
of drinkers are Boomers. 


Recruit new, younger Bud
drinkers (Millennials, 21-34).


Millennials have a deep desire to belong
to something greater than themselves.
They don’t like being stereotyped or
labeled. Similar to millennials, Bud is often
stereotyped as a "Dad's Beer."

CONCEPT: Don't Label Me. I'll Label Myself. 


Bud Can Box 2.png


The blank can is a canvas for Bud drinkers to express themselves and show the world who they really are. A marker comes with the box to allow buyers to personalize their cans and shared on DontLabel.Us.com


DontLabel.US is a website where our target shares label designs and their stories. Visitors to the site vote for their favorite cans, and the winners become an exclusive run of Budweiser.


Social Media grows the momentum of Don’t Label Me as people share their label designs via posts and Budweisers promote the designs in sponsored Insta Stories.

Bud Post 1A.png
Bud Post 2A.png


Traveling pop-up bar, The Blank Labelbrings people together to celebrate individuality. Bud drinkers, young and old, share their stories and connect over their label art.

Created w/ CW Kelly Little

Bar Wide 2.jpg

art director & tennis freak