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Party City

Since 2019, Party City has closed 55 stores, lost 19% of Halloween
sales and consumers keep calling out Party City for offensive costumes.
To align the brand image to what modern-day customers want, Party City
must encourage responsible partying by celebrating that honors the
history and context of a holiday and decorations over just partying. 

CONCEPT: Celebrate More



Party City elevates its store experience with decorated vignettes. Quarterly,  Celebration Experts are invited to do a vignette takeover and talk about holiday traditions and customs. The vignette inspire shoppers visually and educate beyond the surface-level decorations.

Floor Plan.jpg
living room zoom.png


QR codes are available throughout each in-store vignette. After scanned, visitors can learn more about the cultural context of the decorations. Also, guests can see where items are located in-store.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 8.56.49 AM.png


Social posts are created

to promote the in-store experience. Additionally,

the Celebration Experts take over the accounts to educate followers about the holiday history and to inspire followers through party decor tips and tricks.


Created w/ CW Kelly Little

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