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Don't Label Me. I'll Label Myself.

The Brief: Budweiser struggles to recruit Millennial beer drinkers due to its stereotype as a "Dad's Beer."
The Insight: Like Bud, Millennials often fight against stereotypes and labels placed on them.
The Idea: Recruit Millennials by empowering them to label themselves and share those labels on their and the brand’s platform.
The Execution: Create a video anthem spot, website, custom package design, experiential, OOH, and social posts.
My Role: Concept, art direction, social execution, and design.

** Merit Winner for the 2021 Young Ones Competition Brief **
** Best in Show 2022 Austin Addys  Student Work**


Bud Can Box 4.png
Can Mockup.png


The blank cans and markers allow people to express themselves and show the world
who they are. 

All Beer Cans .png



DontLabel.US is a website where people share their designed cans. Visitors to the site vote for their favorite cans and the winning design will be sold as future packaging.

Key Features:

~ Web anthem video

~ User-submitted can gallery

~ Pop-up bar finder


Traveling pop-up bar, The Blank Label brings people together to celebrate individuality. Bud drinkers, young and old, will gather to connect over their labels. Local artists will be invited to live sketch on cans and display them on the top floor of the bar as an art gallery.

Bar Wide 2.jpg

OOH Awareness Ads

01 Wall Poster Mockup.jpg
Bud OOH 2.jpg


Designed cans will spread the momentum of the Don’t Label Me campaign

on social media with the

hashtag #IllLabelMyself.

Bud Post 1A.png
Bud Post 3A.png
Bud Post 2A.png
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