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Give A Girl A Power Tool

The Brief: The Home Depot wants to ignite a cultural fuse by celebrating women doers that'll shift category conventions and drive​ brand love.

The Problem: Women aren't portrayed as doers despite being a driving force for home improvement.​

The Idea: "Doers" can be built from a young age. Let's show the world what can happen when the right tool falls into the right hands – creating more powerful women.

The Execution: Over a four-day shoot, we worked with director Katina Mercadante and cinematographer Karina Silva to capture authentic moments from
"real people" in their homes to bring this spot to life. Additionally, we cre
ated a microsite to provide resources and showcase the women behind the power tools. 

My Role: Concept, art direction, creative direction on shoot day, post-production, retouching notes, social execution, and design.

:30s Commercial

:15s Commercial

Microsite Videos

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