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People look up at the night sky in awe.​ Wondering what it would
be like to be up there. Since they can't go to space, looking through
a Celestron telescope is as close as you can get.

CONCEPT: Space is far, Celestron makes it feel closer. 


Promotion of the CELESTRON SKYPORTAL App. The existing app that connects your telescope to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to share what you see with everyone, recognize any celestial body by holding your phone up to the sky, and control or adjust your telescope with your device.



Concelstaion Cards.png

Celestron creates a pack of 88 glow-in-the-dark smart cards for their smart telescope. On each card is 

an unique QR code of a constellation. The code opens the Celestron app and remotely moves the telescope to find the constellation in the night sky.

The cards serve as a fun, educational experience.



1. Connect your Wifi-enabled Celestron telescope to the Celestron SkyPortal App.

2. Scan any Constellation Card with the Camera icon in your app.

3. Your telescope will automatically point towards the respective constellation in the sky.

celestron ooh ad.jpg

After visiting the planetarium, participants will recieve a custom telescope lapel pin.


A Celestron Lounge will be created in airports. Attached to the lounge is a planetarium sponsored by Celestron.


The entrance to the planetarium and lounge would be designed like a boarding gate welcoming people to take a flight to space while they kill time waiting for their earthly travels.


Created w/ CW Gauri Nigam

 & AD  LIAM McKay

**I created social, product, lapel pins,
and revamped the experiential

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